Finance function:
When referring to the finance function, we recognise it can take different forms. It can be a finance department reporting to a Finance Director, either centrally configured or dispersed across an organisation. For smaller organisations, the finance function can sometimes be external, such as its accountant. We will simply refer to the "finance function" to capture any of the various forms it may take.

Integrated thinking:
Integrated thinking (or integrated approach) is the embedding of sustainability, in its broadest sense, into an organisation’s overall strategy, decision-making process and day to day operation.

Sustainable business model:
A sustainable business model is one which delivers long-term financial performance while operating within environmental limits and generating positive value for its stakeholders and society as a whole.

We define sustainability, in its broadest sense, as the ability of an organisation to create positive social and environmental outcomes whilst delivering long-term value.

These can include but are not limited to investors, staff, suppliers, customers, the wider society and local communities.