Communicating integrated thinking

Entry criteria

This award recognises organisations that are demonstrating clearly, through communicating to their providers of financial capital, how sustainability is embedded into their overall strategy and decision-making process. Entrants should consider sustainability in its broadest sense, and demonstrate how this integrated thinking is contributing to a sustainable business model which delivers long-term value. Importantly, the role of the finance function must have been key and those involved should be able to speak about their role during the assessment and judging process.

This award is open to all organisations. Please note that this is not an annual report award. It assesses how the organisation is communicating its integrated thinking across their various communications, which may include an annual or integrated report.

The entrant must demonstrate that:

  • How they have communicated to their providers of financial capital that wider factors, such as environmental and social issues, are embedded into their strategy, risk process, management information, operations and executive remuneration, and how they are critical to the long-term sustainability of the business.
  • How this has been done across a range of communications. 
  • That their communication(s) truly reflects the way their organisation is managed and the integrated thinking embedded within it.  
  • What role the finance function played in the process of communicating integrated thinking.
  • Why they believe that communicating integrated thinking is beneficial to their organisation.

Supporting materials:

  • Entrants will need to submit more than one specific example of communication (and maximum of 5) to support their entry. Entrants will be expected to demonstrate how they are reflecting integrated thinking across their communications to investors or providers of financial capital.
  • The communication might include an organisation’s annual report, strategic report, an investor presentation, a listing document for debt or equity, an Integrated Report, elements of the website or other investor communication. This list is not exhaustive.
  • Entrants are required to highlight the relevant sections of the supporting materials within the entry. Documents must have specific page numbers referenced in order to be considered by the assessors and judges.
  • Entrants will be assessed using only the documents submitted, which can be provided in pdf or word formats.

Please ensure you have reviewed and understood the Conditions of Entry before submitting your entry.

Entries are welcome in more than one category. If you feel your organisation has successfully driven and embedded integrated thinking, and is communicating this to your providers of capital, you might want to consider entering our category Embedding an integrated approach.

If you have any queries about the categories or awards process, please contact our Awards Manager at

Entries for the 2018 Finance for the Future Awards have now closed. This year’s finalists will be announced in August.

Resources in the Communicating integrated thinking category
  • 2017 winner's case study: By communicating their integrated thinking, Ferrovial has streamlined reporting and strengthened connections in the business.

  • 2016 winner's case study: United Utilities put integrated thinking into action across the way it runs its water and wastewater network.
  • 2016 highly commended case study: Novo Nordisk's project behaves in a financially, environmentally and socially responsible way and use integrated reporting to communicate their integrated thinking.