Innovative new idea

Read the previous winners’ case studies from the Innovative New Idea category and the lessons learned in their journey to drive sustainability.

  • The Public Services Lab
    This year’s award recognises groups or individuals that have developed new and innovative ideas that will have tangible impacts on one or more of the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.
    The Public Services Lab
    2016 Winner
  • bio-bean
    The Innovative new idea award category was won by bio-bean after they demonstrated their technology’s potential to help build a circular economy. By turning coffee waste into bio-fuel, bio-bean’s innovation can address...
    2015 Winner
  • Threadneedle Investments
    A new social bond fund offers investors the chance to back socially worthwhile projects while earning a good return.
    Threadneedle Investments
    2014 Winner
  • Enval
    Innovative recycling technology draws funding from some unexpected investors.
    2013 Winner
  • Osmosis Investment Management
    An investment management partnership demonstrates that investing on the basis of sustainability measurement delivers returns.
    Osmosis Investment Management
    2013 Highly Commended
  • Giveacar
    Revolutionary ‘donate your car for scrap’ scheme that recycles the scrap proceeds to the donor’s charity of choice.
    2012 Winner