Start-up and growing enterpriss

Read the previous winners’ case studies from the Start-up and growing enterprises award category, and the lessons learned in their journey to drive sustainability.

  • MEP Werke and Strasser Capital
    The long-term vision was to make the green economy open to a much wider market and, in particular, to extend the benefits to all German households.
    MEP Werke and Strasser Capital
    2017 Winner
  • Furniture Resource Centre
    It is a great thing to provide a person in need with a house or flat, but furnishing it makes it a home. Furniture Resource Centre is a social enterprise that helps...
    Furniture Resource Centre
    2015 Winner
  • Adnams
    How Adnams’ finance team went one stage further and developed a carbon footprint for every beer it produced, which helped them to improve their sustainability and identify cost savings.
    2015 Highly Commended
  • Vegware
    Vegware invested in R&D to create new products that would reduce both costs and food packaging waste.
    2014 Winner
  • Environcom
    How a recycling business changed its focus to re-use, leading to benefits for the environment and their bottom line.
    2013 Winner
  • Élan Hair Design
    A local hairdressing business underwent a sustainability journey that saw it become an industry leader in resource efficiency.
    Élan Hair Design
    2013 Highly Commended
  • Wilson James
    How a security company transformed its business model and brought sustainable benefits to shareholders, employees and clients alike.
    Wilson James
    2012 Medium-Sized Business Winner
  • Easibind International
    A traditional print business that has been transformed by an emphasis on sustainability, collaboration and innovation.
    Easibind International
    2012 Small Business Winner
  • HW Fisher & Company
    A medium-sized accountancy firm that literally saw the light and has now built a successful sustainability practice into its more traditional offering.
    HW Fisher & Company
    2012 Small Business Highly Commended