Sam Baker

Sam Baker, Partner, Strategy/Purpose/Innovation, Monitor Deloitte

Sam has been a partner in Monitor Deloitte, Deloitte’s strategy consulting practise, since 2006.  He works primarily across the Telco, Media, Technology and Education sectors, developing purpose inspired, digitally informed, growth strategies.  He has also held a number of firm management positions including acting as CSO for the UK firm and practice lead for Monitor Deloitte in EMEA.

Sam is increasingly focused on the connection between long term sustainable enterprise value and an organisation’s role in society.  This includes working with clients on establishing Purpose, aligning the SDGs, and innovation. 

Recent research for the DCMS, for BiTC and for the Taskforce on Social Impact Investment has explored the relationship and system dynamics linking corporate value and sustainable development.

Sam has been part of a number of related panels including GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards (SDG Category) and the BiTC Unilever Global Development Award.

Published work includes: