Public and not-for-profit sectors

Read the previous winners’ case studies from the public and not-for-profit sectors category and the lessons learned in their journey to drive sustainability.

  • National Trust

    2017 Winner
    The project was to review and develop a new financial operating model. There also needed to be a greater emphasis on sustainability, the reason why the National Trust exists.
  • FAST

    2017 Highly commended
    FAST started as an idea in 2008 and it has reached a mature stage where SMEs around the world can benefit from its access to finance service.
  • Climate Disclosure Standards Board

    2016 Winner
    The success of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board was underpinned by the view that collaboration was the only way it could bring about its goals.
  • HM Treasury

    2016 Highly Commended
    Putting the accounts of the public sector together into a structure resembling the private sector brings all manner of benefits.
  • Sussex Community NHS Trust

    2015 Winner
    Through financial leadership, Sussex Community NHS Trust is setting the benchmark for delivering integrated sustainable healthcare. Their Sustainable Development Management Plan (SDMP) aims to reduce the environmental impact of the Trust’s operations...
  • The Crown Estate

    2014 Public Sector Winner
    A new integrated accounting approach puts sustainability at the heart of The Crown Estate’s business strategy.
  • The Royal Mint

    2014 Public Sector Highly Commended
    The Royal Mint has found a way to finance the production of new coins by recycling old ones.
  • Belu Water

    2014 Social Enterprise Winner
    Ethical product, sustainably produced and sold with all profits to charity.
  • Crossrail

    2013 Public Sector Winner
    Crossrail’s finance team has taken innovative steps to place environmental and social considerations at the core of the project.
  • Groundwork Pennine Lancashire

    2013 Social Enterprise Winner
    A charity turnaround follows the rules of business and, in doing so, gives more back to their community.
  • Hadlow College

    2012 Public Sector Winner
    An ailing agricultural college is transformed by an infusion of private sector culture underpinned by principles of sustainability and sound finance.
  • Charity Bank

    2012 Social Enterprise Winner
    Charity Bank’s sustainable business model has shown that providing loans to social enterprise and community organisations can be a low-risk and socially beneficial activity.
  • Companies House

    2012 Public Sector Highly Commended
    A companies registry that used electronic advances in filing of documents as a catalyst for a much wider programme of sustainability measures.