Categories & Criteria

The Finance for the Future awards recognise finance functions driving sustainable economies. 

We are looking for examples of best practice that could be transformational in building a sustainable organisation. 

The awards are free to enter and open to all organisations globally, including businesses of all sizes, charities, social enterprises and those in the public sector. Joint entries are also welcomed. In addition, one category – Driving change through education, academia and training – is open to individuals as well as organisations. 

These awards are unique in looking at the crucial role financial decision makers play in helping to create sustainable business models. Our goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of moving to a sustainable, resilient business model among the business, public and third sectors, academic and finance communities by rewarding best practice. As part of a wider programme of engagement, case studies of all the winners and networking events will be developed to share examples of leading practice and inspire more organisations to start embedding sustainability within their financial decision making.

Please see our glossary which explains our most important terms.

Categories for 2019

Please find below a summary of the categories, their aims and who they are open to: 

Category This award recognises This award is open to  
Embedding an integrated approach The finance team’s leadership in embedding integrated thinking and decision making across their organisation. This will be transformational in achieving a sustainable business model and delivering long-term value. All organisations, including joint-entries between organisations More info >
Innovative project Innovative projects, led by or with the clear involvement of the finance team, which have the potential to transform an organisation into a more sustainable one. All organisations, including joint-entries between organisations More info >
Communicating integrated thinking Organisations that are demonstrating clearly, through communicating to their providers of financial capital, how sustainability is embedded into their overall strategy and decision making process.   All organisations More info >
Investing and financing The adoption of an integrated approach across core investment and financing processes within financial services organisations.   Lending, insurance, investing, capital markets and FinTech organisations More info >
Building sustainable financial products Organisations that have developed new financial products or services that are aimed at driving sustainable outcomes.   Any organisation that provides lending, insurance, investing or capital markets related products or services as part of a wider portfolio More info >
Driving change through education, training and academia The contribution of individuals, organisations or joint-entries between organisations in driving action towards integrated thinking through education, training and academia. Entries must be relevant to the accounting or finance community. Individuals, organisations and joint-entries between organisations More info >