Driving change through education, training and academia

Entry criteria

This award recognises the contribution of individuals, organisations or joint-entrants in driving action to integrate sustainability through education, training and academia. Entries can be self-nominated or nominated by a third party and must be relevant to the wider accounting or finance community.

This award is open to entrants creating or enabling research, teaching or training to integrate sustainability into finance and accounting. This could include, but is not limited to researchers, students, accounting or finance-led bodies, colleges, universities, business schools, think tanks, not-for-profits or corporates. Joint entries between organisations or individuals are also welcome.

Examples can include, but are not limited to:

  • Performing or enabling academic research and/or thought leadership.
  • Integration into corporate training materials.
  • Changes to syllabi/curricula.
  • Development of new tools, techniques or supporting technologies.
  • Initiatives, programmes or other activities.
  • Apprenticeships and/or traineeships.
  • Academic competitions.

Entrants must demonstrate

  • How the activity benefits the future of finance e.g. through supporting and/ or inspiring the development of sustainable business models.
  • How the activities generate or are likely to influence the generation of tangible environmental and/or social benefits IN ADDITION TO positive financial outcomes.
  • How the activities have changed or could change current standard practices.
  • How they have sought to engage students, peers or the wider finance community. 
  • What success looks like and how the impact is or could be measured.

Further information and resources

Entrants are welcome to enter more than one category. Please see below links to previous awards winners and highly commended projects or initiatives. In considering these, please note that categories in previous years were different from this year’s categories and that projects were considered innovative at the time of the attribution of those awards.

Please ensure you have reviewed and understood the Terms and Conditions for the Awards before submitting your entry.

If you have any queries about the categories or awards process, please contact info@financeforthefuture.org 

2018 Winner: Transition Pathway Initiative, Grantham Research Institute

Grantham Research Institute have provided vital, open access data and analysis to The Transitional Pathway Initiative (TPI). The data analyses progress that large global corporations are making on the transition to a low carbon economy. Their collaborative approach and the insights that the Grantham Research Institute are providing to the TPI are enabling better informed investment decisions and engagement by investors. As academics, the project enables them to have real-world impact, not just through the findings of the research but also through fully accessible data. Read more about the 2018 winners here

2018 Highly Commended: Future Fit Foundation

A truly sustainable future requires a rapid and radical shift in the way the global economy works. The Future Fit Foundation’s free-to-use tools enable this shift by helping business leaders, investors and policy makers respond authentically to today’s biggest social and environmental challenges. The Future Fit Business Benchmark is the first tool to comprehensively define the line in the sand that every company ultimately needs to reach, and ideally surpass, to play its role in an environmentally restorative, socially just, and economically inclusive society. Read more about the 2018 winners here