Investing and financing

Entry criteria

This award is open to the investor and capital markets communities.

This includes organisations that oversee, develop or advise on financial products and services AND investors that have driven investment in sustainable outcomes that deliver long-term value across capital markets e.g. investment firms, asset management firms, banks, insurance companies or stock exchanges.

Examples can include, but are not limited to:

  • A bank which prices long-term viability into lending based on an organisation's ability to demonstrate their sustainable business model.
  • An asset manager who has worked with its clients to shift investment to sustainable businesses, or has developed ways to integrate environmental and social considerations across the whole portfolio.
  • A stock exchange that might have created a new index for sustainable securities/instruments, or introduced other ways to drive sustainable approaches across markets as a whole e.g. via a reporting requirement or listing requirement.

In all cases, it is expected that the initiative, product or service is, or has the potential to be, financially significant to the organisation as a whole, or reflects an approach that is being integrated across all initiatives, products and services. 

The entrant must demonstrate that:

  • The initiative, product or service has delivered tangible environmental and/or social benefits while being commercially viable.
  • The outcomes would not have been achieved without innovation in the financial techniques or skills used and that they added value.
  • The initiative, product or service is EITHER of a financially significant size to the organisation OR a pilot which, if successful, could be scaled up.
  • The organisation is actively working with its clients or key stakeholder base to enable successful adoption and scale.
  • The initiative, product or service is core to the activities of the organisation itself.

Please ensure you have reviewed and understood the Conditions of Entry before submitting your entry.

If you have any queries about the categories or awards process, please contact Aude Bezler, Awards & Events Marketing Manager.

Deadline for entry is midnight (UK time) on Wednesday 31 May 2017.



2016 winner's interview and case study

  • Watch Caroline Tulloch, Investment Director at Bridges Ventures, talking about the company’s work as a fund manager specialising in sustainability and impact investment across health and wellbeing, education and skills, sustainability living and underserved markets.
  • Read the full case study of their application.