RecordSure is unique SaaS solution designed to prevent the risk of mis-selling.  Initial designed for financial services it is now shown to have applications far beyond this sector, including medical and defence.  

RecordSure records customer interactions (telephone and face to face) and is able to analyse conversations in near real time; this equates to unequivocal compliance monitoring and business MI, which is available from the global down to the individual level.  As well as providing businesses with assurance that staff are adhering to both internal policies and regulatory rules, RecordSure can also provide a holistic overview of the quality of the sales process and customer facing functions. The solution uses innovative speech recording and phonetic indexing to highlight risk in any conversation, in real time, which improves consumer confidence and gives reassurance regarding the suitability of product and services.

RecordSure was developed in-house by marrying TCC's compliance expertise with in-sourced cutting edge linguistic and IT knowledge to create a unique, pioneering solution that is not available anywhere else on the market. It is the most comprehensive monitoring software available for overseeing the quality of information exchanges between customers and customer-facing staff.