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Auckland International Airport will be undergoing significant expansion in the coming years and is using this as an opportunity to incorporate environmental and social performance outcomes into its procurement strategy.


Through the expansion, the company will move from a supply chain predominantly comprised of service providers to a broader construction focus. This changes the environmental and social risks it is exposed to and was seen as an opportunity to embed sustainability within the procurement strategy.


Each stage of the procurement process was assessed to determine how to incorporate social and environmental outcomes, from risk identification to evaluation through to acceptance criteria and ongoing monitoring. The project, led by finance, took a partnership approach by using the skillsets of different departments, working with government around its employment, skills and training programmes and partnering with suppliers to identify innovative solutions.


Some internal stakeholders were initially resistant to change. Education and support for those affected is important.

Judges’ comments

The Auckland Airport team showed both quality and passion in its entry. The judges particularly liked the focus on partnership as the essential ingredient to the sustainable supply chain project – whether partnering across the business, with suppliers or with the government to deliver better outcomes.