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As a leading bottler of the Coca-Cola Company brands, use of water and energy have made sustainability a major issue. In 2015 the company produced its second fully integrated report which aimed to solve the challenge of combining financial performance, operational performance and sustainability performance in one document.


The company felt it could better align its business and sustainability communications, previously kept in separate silos. Investors were asking more questions about sustainability. There was a need to tell the story of performance through operational, financial and sustainability elements in an integrated way, showing how value was created in the long term. Having an integrated report showed clearly how sustainability was embedded into the business and what risks, present and future, were on the horizon.


In 2015 the finance department led a plan to value and report its impacts and dependencies across all its capitals, including natural, social and human as well as financial. Water conservation and carbon reduction initiatives and an enterprise risk management culture change programme were instigated. Integrated thinking enabled the company to present an integrated view of value creation and performance measurement. Adopting integrated reporting taught the company lessons about collaborative thinking.


With so many stakeholders, the company needed to find the right language, tone of voice and design to appeal to all. Integrating thinking, management and reporting brought teams together but also brought difficulties as they were used to working with different concepts of materiality, and had different understandings of value creation. But the process was very helpful in making the entire company stop and take stock, focussing minds across the breadth of the organisation.

Judges’ comments

Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company’s communication demonstrates where integrated thinking is being embedded within the business. Their entry highlights how their journey to communicate this helped make the whole company take stock and focus minds on how they create value and measure performance.