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Software as a service designed to help organisations release the potential of onsite renewable generation. Its aim is to help save money on energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and secure energy supply.

The directors of OnGen have designed a tool called OnGen Expert™. It is an online feasibility and comparison tool which helps non-domestic users of energy to choose and then install the optimum mix of renewable energy generation technologies at their sites.

It is the only platform that uses knowledge-based logic to determine the likely feasibility of a range of renewable and low carbon technologies, and correlates half-hourly demand and generation data to recommend a combination of technologies to maximise return on investment. It also combines the choice of technology with a panel of REA (Renewable Energy Association) recommended and MCS accredited installers, and facilitates installations with a choice of financing methods and funding providers. The OnGen Expert™ calculates the balance of energy required from the grid and suggests the lowest-cost energy supplier. The aim is to reduce an organisation’s total cost of energy consumption, provide greater security of supply and help reduce their carbon footprint.

Overall the software provides a high quality financial assessment in minutes for a very low cost per site and technology which, OnGen argues, removes one of the barriers to investing in renewables.

The idea supports the following Sustainable Development Global Goals: