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The Public Services Lab
A joint venture created by Interserve, Clubfinance, Catch22 and Big Society Capital

A collaboration to re-imagine public service delivery in Meyerside and build an understanding of outcome-focused services.

The Lab is a collaborative joint venture established by integrated services provider Interserve, social finance experts ClubFinance, social business Catch22 and independent financial institute with a social mission Big Society Capital. It will help voluntary, community and social enterprises across Merseyside to develop the skills, business processes and practices they need to enable them to compete for projects and initiatives which will deliver innovative, effective and sustainable public services.

This will involve providing support for incubator and accelerator products; providing partnership opportunities to enable organisations to bid for larger public service contracts that they might otherwise have missed out on; back office products to support sustainable growth; and social consultancy ‘to re-imagine public service delivery and build understanding of outcome-focused services’.

The objective of the PSL is to help Merseyside become a sustainable region where its citizens are empowered to deliver public services, thereby delivering savings and securing improved outcomes. PSL will secure this by embedding public service delivery into community assets, unlocking the strengths of the individuals and communities.

There is frustration with current procurement and delivery models and financial professionals within the team will address all of these issues and provide upfront resource and investment to support transformation.

The idea supports the following Sustainable Development Global Goals: