2019 Finalists

The 2019 finalists are listed below - find out more about the finalists in each category by clicking the category title.  

Building sustainable financial products – This award recognises organisations that have developed new financial products or services that are aimed at driving both commercial and sustainable outcomes.:

  • Accounting for Energy (UK)
  • Contact Energy (New Zealand)
  • Ecology Building Society (UK)
  • Octopus Investments (UK)
  • Rabobank (Netherlands)
  • Zigway (Myanmar)

Communicating Integrated Thinking – This award recognises organisations that are demonstrating clearly, by communicating to their providers of financial capital, how sustainability is embedded into their overall strategy and decision-making process:

  • ABN AMRO (Netherlands)
  • Severn Trent (UK)
  • Tideway (UK)
  • Yorkshire Water (UK)

Driving change through education, training and academia – This award recognises contribution to driving action towards integrated thinking through education, training and academia. Entries must be relevant to the accounting or finance community:

  • Accounting Bissim, (UK)
  • Climate Change & Finance at Imperial College Business School, (UK)
  • Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research (CSEAR), (UK)
  • Harvard Business School Business: Business and Environment Initiative (BEI) and Social Enterprise Initiative (SEI), (US)
  • The Thinking Ahead Institute, (UK)

Embedding an integrated approach – This award recognises finance teams, leadership in embedding integrated thinking and decision-making across their organisation. This will be transformational in achieving sustainable business models and delivering long-term value:

  • ABN AMRO, (The Netherlands)
  • Landsec (Land Securities Properties Ltd), (UK)
  • Stora Enso, (Finland)
  • SSE plc, (UK & Republic of Ireland)
  • Tata Consultancy Services Ltd (TCS), (India)
  • Tesco plc, (UK)

Innovative project – This award recognises innovative projects, led by, or with, the clear involvement of the finance team, which have the potential to transform an organisation into a more sustainable one:

  • City of Vancouver, (Canada)
  • Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL), (India)
  • Sainsbury's Supermarkets Ltd, (UK)
  • SteamaCo, (UK)
  • Xylem Inc., (US)

Investing and financing – This award recognises the adoption of an integrated approach across core investment and financing processes within financial services:

  • Carbon Delta AG, (Switzerland)
  • DNB ASA, (Norway)
  • Globalance Bank, (Switzerland)
  • Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (TSKB), (Turkey)
  • PIMCO, (UK)